Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Are Now Casually Riding Bikes Together

Soon after Selena Gomez broke up with The Weeknd, she was photographed riding bikes with Justin Bieber, Glamour reports. The two have been seen together a lot lately, sparking rumors that they're dating again.
Reports first came out last month that Justin and Selena were rekindling a friendship. Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly reported that they had gotten closer after she encouraged him to join her church. However, as far as we knew, Selena was still dating The Weeknd at the time, and she and Justin's relationship was platonic. "Selena is still with The Weeknd, and she only sees Justin as a friend," a source told ET. Another told Us, "Selena is simply trying to make peace with Justin after her illness."
Then, on Sunday, October 22, Justin stopped by Selena's place, along with a group of other friends, and stayed until midnight, according to TMZ. On the following Sunday, they were spotted getting coffee together in LA. However, even then, TMZ reported that the meeting was platonic and The Weeknd had no qualms about it.
Everything came crashing down, though, on Monday, when news broke that Selena and The Weeknd had reportedly split up. Suddenly, Selena's meetings with Justin came to seem more meaningful, and fans started speculating that they were back together.
Their biking outing is now adding fuel to these rumors — especially since one of the photos shows them standing close together as she leans her head on his shoulder. Some fans believe this means they're back together, and people have very strong feelings about it.
Meanwhile, The Weekend has been trying to move on by unfollowing Selena's friends and family on social media. Neither party involved has publicly said anything about the breakup or Selena's relationship with Justin, but they've certainly given us a lot of material to analyze until things become clearer.

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