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What Getting Ink From L.A.'s Hottest Tattoo Artist Is REALLY Like

Meet Miryam Lumpini — one of L.A.'s most badass tattoo artists.

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Whether it's with that delicately sophisticated "one line" trend or inspirational ink celebrating the original Nasty Woman, we're guessing you might be considering bidding farewell to the raging dumpster fire that was 2017 with a new tattoo. So, in the spirit of regeneration and renewal (yes, please), we headed to L.A. to catch up with Miryam Lumpini — one of Hollywood's most sought-after tattoo artists famous for her ecstatic experimentation with color. Known across the industry as simply "the Witch Doctor," Lumpini has been elevating ink to the level of visual art since arriving in L.A. back in 2012, where she maintains a celeb-studded downtown studio.
Raised in rural Sweden, Lumpini started blessing her growing cult-following with her signature designs when she was just 17 years old and has developed a playful, color-saturated aesthetic all her own — one brought alive in a psychedelic swirl of Cheshire cats, sea-swept lobsters, snarling jewel-eyed tigers. "Color is my superpower," she says, and it's apparent. Whether she's inking Skrillex or featuring her newest creation for her 220,000 Instagram followers, Lumpini is blazing a kickass trail for female artists in the notoriously male-centric tattoo world.
Press play above to tag along for an up-close look at how Lumpini brings her awe-inspiring designs to life. The first step, if you're thinking of braving the needle? "Put your mind in a meditative state and just focus on your breathing," Lumpini advises, as she preps the needles and mixes her iconic acid-bright shades. Based on the gorgeous final reveal, we're guessing the pain was definitely worth it. And even if 2018 doesn't hold a new design for you, we're guessing the sight of that tattoo slowly shaping waves of color into a figure is still one of the most satisfying things you'll see on your feed for a bit.
Artist Miryam Lumpini, Tattoo ProcessReleased on December 18, 2017

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