Get Ready To See This "One Line" Tattoo Trend Everywhere

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
Just like a classic ponytail or a sharp cat-eye, minimal tattoos are simple — but manage to make the biggest statement. And now, they're even more chill thanks to the latest tat trend to sweep Instagram: one line tattoos."It's just the era that we're in," Laura Martinez of Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, New York, tells us. "Old school tattoos were heavier because the needles were heavier."
While one line tats look light, it actually takes a lot of precision (and, oftentimes, a lot of needles) to finish them. Martinez says that many of her colleagues use up to three very thin needles to create the effect of continuous, single-line shapes — tattoos that her clients are requesting nearly every day. "Everyone's looking to have it done," Martinez says of the trend. "I think these speak to most people, especially the younger crowd who are looking for something more delicate."
Ahead, see how people from all over the world are wearing their one line tats — and get more insight on the trend from Martinez, too.
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Photo: Via @nothingwildtattoo.
According to Martinez, a four letter word, like this "muse" tattoo she created, could take hours to complete. "It all depends on the size and placement," she says. "Sometimes one line can take up to one hour, but a huge piece with all fine lines takes more time."
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Photo: Via @raimonthtattoo.
"If you lift your needle, you have to make sure you hit the same spot when you put it back down, and that can be difficult," Martinez adds. So this flower, done at Raimonth Tattoo in Wuppertal, Germany, might evoke a little more doom than bloom for some.
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Photo: Via @nothingwildtattoo.
And don't think that a one line tat makes for minimal pain, either. "A long line can hurt just as much as other tattoos," Martinez (who did the "rooster" tattoo) says. "You want the lines to be perfect, so it's best to get them in one shot."
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Photo: Via @amazink__tattoo.
Gregory Breslau of Amaz'ink Tattoo in Blandin, Guadeloupe, has captured our hearts with this lifeline that reads "familia."
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Photo: Via @twentytwotattooherentals.
We're nuts about this dark grey squirrel (done at Twenty Two Tattoo in Belgium).
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Photo: Via @arthrose_tattoo.
Arthur Drocour, an artist in France, just made lions a lot less scary with his chic artwork.
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Photo: Via @hedera_heliks.
Trunks up! Nancy Spadetattoo of Spade Tattoo in Switzerland gave her customer a portable safari.
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Photo: Via @michellebrunner_.
Instagrammer Michelle Brunner and a pal one-upped your best friend necklaces with these matching hearts.
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Photo: Via @hate__kate.
Katarina Morozova (of Moscow) etched a swallow that soars using just one single line.
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Kevin King's artwork allows his customer to bring the beach wherever they please.
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Photo: Via @orgasmicforest_tattoos.
Federica Gazzola Plenert, who's based in Québec City, Canada, made a splash with this graphic whale.
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The beat shall always go on, thanks to Sidney Previdi of Tattoine in Mantova, Italy.
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