Woman Says Her Uggs Got Her Banned From This Airline’s Lounge

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Apparently, Ugg footwear doesn't go down well when you're Down Under. Condé Nast Traveler reports that passenger Joanne Catherall learned this the hard way after she was allegedly denied access to the business-class lounge for Australian airline Qantas, where a staff member vetoed her plush sheepskin boots.
Catherall, a member of the British synthpop band The Human League, tweeted details about the incident, which took place at the Melbourne Airport.
"Denied access @Qantas business class lounge in @Melair Melbourne Airport apparently Ugg boots are deemed sleepwear by the lady working there although no problem in any of the other lounges so far. Helpfully she suggested I go to one of the shops & purchase some shoes," Catherall tweeted.
Considering Qantas is an Australian airline and Ugg was founded by an Aussie, you’d think the company might want to flex a little national pride. As one user on Twitter pointed out in a photo, flip flops, beachwear, and gymwear are also considered unacceptable in the Qantas Club lounge.
While the word “Ugg” isn’t clearly outright banned in the dress code policy, there’s an illustration encircling an Ugg-like boot with a large line through it. In the poster, the boot is also labeled “sleepwear” which is truly just... odd.
After Catherall’s first tweet, the airline responded with a tweet explaining that they endeavor to remain consistent with their dress code guidelines. That didn't appease Catherall, who pointed out the obvious in this tweet.
"Why would an @UGG boot I wear outdoors in all weathers be classed as sleepwear in @Qantas lounge, but nowhere else that I have ever been on this earth ?"
In recent years Ugg has become possibly the most polarizing footwear on the market. Popularized by Oprah thanks to her famous "favorite things" list and Paris Hilton in the early aughts, the cozy boot has in many circles postured as an emblem of conflicting ideas.
“What started out as a beachwear staple for men that grew into a cold weather must-have for women now acts as a divider in the fashion realm,” wrote Refinery29’s Landon Peoples in a recent story. “It separates the business casual from the Casual Friday, the fall from winter, and — dare we say it — the 'basics' from, well, the rest of us.”
Tell us what you think in the comments. Uggs: an enemy of acceptable airport dress standards, or simply a comfortable way to travel?

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