29 New Year's Eve Beauty Looks No One Else Will Be Wearing

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
There are a lot of traditions that surround New Years Eve, from the puzzling (why do we drop a giant ball from the sky in the middle of Times Square?) to the classic (cheers-ing a packed room of people with plastic flutes of Champagne), but some would say the best one of all is getting to really go all-out with your hair, makeup, and outfit. After all, is there a better time to rock a new trend than when everyone's up to their noses with glitter, streamers, and confetti?
Maybe it's the resolutions or the nature of the evening's festivities, but New Year's awakens our bolder side — the one that's excited to play with the colors, textures, and shapes we hesitate over the other days. The holiday may still be two weeks away, but we've already started scouring the red carpets and Instagram for inspiration. And guess what? The options are endless. Layers of electric glitter, cascades of textured curls, and works of art created with just eyeliner await you in the slides ahead. Here's to a totally unpredictable NYE look.

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