Paris Hilton Says Lindsay Lohan Crashed Her Holy Trinity Girls Night Out

Photo: X17 Agency.
Eleven years after the photo dubbed "The Holy Trinity," the night Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan went out in LA, Hilton wants the world to know one of the ladies in the photo wasn't invited.
The photo, showing the three living their best lives, was an iconic early aughts moment that shook fans who believed the trio was feuding at the time, was not all it seemed. Hilton sat down with MTV Australian recently, and gave some insight into the evening.
“Actually, it was just Brit and I [going] out,” Hilton said. “And then [Lindsay] chased us to the car and got in. She wasn’t invited.”
In the clip, she's handed a copy of the image and says, laughing, "It's like Charlie's Angels."
After Hilton dishes that Lohan crashed the night out, the interviewer asks "At what point do you say to Lindsay Lohan, I'm so sorry babe...but you're gonna have to get out?"
Hilton laughs and says, "You're not on the list."
She also weighed in (again) on Kendall Jenner borrowing her 21st birthday look for her own celebration. When shown a photo of Jenner, Hilton says, "Oh yeah, this dress. I love when I see things that I used to wear other people wear. It's awesome to be an inspiration to people. And that was like, my 21st birthday dress. It was like the sickest dress ever, so to see her wearing it that on her 21st was like, aw that's so awesome."
The former Simple Life star and DJ has perfected the art of being herself, and making fun of her persona.
Using paparazzi shots and old clips from her show, the star has been sharing (or maybe making, as Refinery29 noted back in July) memes of herself that tackle the mundane issues we all deal with in 2017.
Hilton has a meme for when you're late to brunch.
Or for when you're trying. Kind of.

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And for when you're feeling your boss self.

Like a #Boss ✈️??✨

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She also still keeps up with Spears, posting a cute birthday shout-out on Instagram earlier this month.
Lohan has yet to weigh in on Hilton's claim that she chased the duo to the car that night.

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