Paris Hilton Is Very Proud To Have Inspired Kendall Jenner's Style

Photo: Gabriel Olsen/WireImage.
It's been a long time since we've seen Paris Hilton on our TVs. The Simple Life's last episode aired in 2007 (RIP) and Hilton's own reality show, The World According To Paris, got the ax after just one season in 2011. But that doesn't mean Hilton's just relaxing in her Juicy Couture tracksuits and Uggs. Instead, the heiress has been not-so-quietly building an empire of her own. With fragrance, DJ gigs, and even a hotel to her name, Hilton is shedding her image as a vapid reality star and showing the world that she's got an entrepreneurial spirit.
"People have misconceptions about me," Hilton explains in a new interview in Page Six. "When I'm in front of them in a boardroom talking about my business, they know immediately I’m not the dumb blonde they thought I was."
What is Hilton discussing at those meetings? Her fragrance line, which just released its 21st scent and rakes in $3 billion dollars in sales worldwide; her hotel, Paris Beach Club, in the Philippines; and her Ibiza residency. While many people are quick to brush off her many endeavors as vanity projects, Hilton explains that she's committed herself to each and every one.
"There's a lot that goes into [the DJ job] that people don't realize," Hilton adds. "I trained for six hours a day for six months, every single day training with the best people in the business. I've never played the same set twice."
Hilton's residency at Amnesia, a club in Ibiza, Spain, started five years ago and is still going strong. In fact, she's had to limit her time on the island paradise because of her new relationship. Instead of a five-month headlining job with her Foam & Diamonds party, she's limiting her appearances.
Her legacy isn't just about partying however, Hilton told Page Six that seeing Kendall Jenner wear a dress inspired by one of her most infamous looks thrilled her. "Kendall looked beautiful in that dress," she said. "It's the perfect dress to wear for a 21st birthday. It makes me happy to see these girls be inspired by me." It's not just that crystal-studded mini, Hilton's other aughts go-tos, like the Juicy tracksuits, logo'd accessories, and more are all front-and-center in the fashion world.
As for what's ahead, Hilton says she'll gladly eschew the glamour of the nightlife circuit and settle down. "I'll be married with kids," she said of her plans. "Not traveling like I do now."

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