Kumail Nanjiani Insists That Steven Spielberg Is Telling Fans To See The Big Sick

Photo: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage.
Kumail Nanjiani is no stranger to Twitter jokes — but fans can't tell if his latest routine is actually a joke or not.
After the 2018 Golden Globe nominations were revealed on Monday — and Nanjiani's The Big Sick didn't make the cut — Nanjiani sent out some interesting tweets.
"Hey gang. This is Steven Spielberg tweeting from Kumail’s phone. My fave movie this yr was The Big Sick. It’s avail on Amazon Prime & iTunes & all that. Great movie to watch w the fam. I watched it w my family (the Spielbergs) & we all loved it. Handing phone back to Kumail now," Nanjiani tweeted on Monday.
That sounds like an innocent enough prank, right? Well, when Deadline and The Huffington Post wrote about Nanjiani's tweet, calling it a joke, he sent a followup message insisting that it was, indeed, Steven Spielberg.
"Hey @DEADLINE, Steven Spielberg tweeted that! I'll give the phone back to him.This is Steven (Spielberg.) I tweeted that. I directed Jaws, ET, BFG. See? I can name 3 of my films. It has to be me. Lincoln. That's 4. That's enough proof for you to retract," Nanjiani tweeted.
Nanjiani also tweeted a response to fellow comedian Mike Birbiglia, who wrote that the original "Spielberg" tweet was "fishy."
"Omg. You should be ashamed. Here I'll give the phone back to Steven Spielberg. Mike, Steve(n Spielberg) here. Big fan of your work. Not a fan of you calling me a liar. I Always tell the truth. I challenge you to a Duel. Or we can argue & have a real War of the Wor(l)ds! Lincoln," Nanjiani tweeted.
The whole thing definitely appears to be a joke — especially that second tweet. Directors don't tend to just go around listing their movies on Twitter for the heck of it. Still, there's always the chance that Spielberg loves a good rom-com — and maybe he wanted to use Nanjiani's Twitter account to announce that fact to the world.
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