Dylan Sprouse Does Not Keep Up With Any Of The Jughead Drama On Riverdale

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Don't expect Cole Sprouse's twin Dylan to have any theories on the Black Hood's identity. The reason? According to Dylan's new interview with IndieWire, he doesn't actually watch Riverdale at all.
Dylan may have starred alongside his brother on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but the stars have since branched out from the "twin thing" for their own solo projects. For Dylan, that includes taking on the role of a teen psychopath in Dismissed. Cole, meanwhile, attempts to track down psychos as Jughead Jones on Riverdale.
However, when asked how much of The CW drama Dylan has actually seen, Dylan revealed to IndieWire he's actually really, really behind. As in, he's only seen a single episode.
"Don't tell my brother," Dylan joked to the outlet.
Meanwhile, my sister gets mad when I don't like her Instagram photos.
Dylan also told IndieWire that, while he might not be keeping up on all of the drama with Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Archie, he is still immensely proud of his twin:
"I hear very good things [about Riverdale] and I hear my brother is quite good so I’m proud of him nonetheless."
If this doesn't crush your dreams of a Sprouse twin reunion taking place on Riverdale, then Cole's recent interview with Glamour might. The NYU graduate admitted that he's not so into the idea of his real-life sibling joining the cast, even for a cameo.
"It would be super, super weird and totally not appropriate," the actor told Glamour. "I also just don’t think Dylan wants to; to be honest, I wouldn’t want to either. People want to see us onscreen together again, and that’s fine. That’s flattering, I guess. But if it’s going to destroy the kind of world that we’ve built [on Riverdale], it’s wildly inappropriate."
Cole still has at least another half season of Riverdale to go (and hopefully many more seasons after that), but Dylan revealed that his own interests are on the big screen. He told IndieWire:
"I definitely want to stay more on the movie end. I know everyone’s moving over to television right now but I think where I’m at, I’d rather do film."
The Sprouse twins may want different things from their careers, but at least they'll always have one another's backs — even if they don't always view their work.

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