Wells Adams & Sarah Hyland Have Danielle Maltby's Blessing

Photo: Courtesy of Bob Du2019Amico/ABC.
Danielle Maltby is a-okay with Wells Adams dating Sarah Hyland. In fact, she's delighted.
"I’m so happy for him,” Maltby told reporters, according to People. “I’ve met Sarah — Sarah is amazing.”
Maltby and Adams are longtime friends, and on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, the two kissed. Maltby left the show early to volunteer overseas, and as she got in the car, Adams kissed her goodbye. The show heavily implied that Maltby and Adams were meant to be — the kind of romance that erupts after years of friendship. But it wasn't to be.
Adams told Entertainment Tonight that post-show, there was too much pressure from the Bachelor fanbase.
Explained Adams, "We had this kiss and then she leaves, to go to Africa to save children which is amazing. So she gets back and then the show starts, and then all of a sudden there's this immense pressure from everyone around us shipping 'DanWells' so hard. And that's a really weird world to live in, because you want the magnetism to happen naturally and not feel forced from everyone pushing around you...Let's maybe let all this die down and then go forward."
They remained close friends, and, by October, Adams was dating Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame. And, Maltby is happy to endorse the relationship.
“They bring out the best in each other," Maltby continued. "They’re both so funny and they just amp each other up so much — and the smile that Wells gets on his face is unreal. It’s so cute. It really is so cute.”
She added that anytime Hyland is in town, she reaches out to Danielle. (Hyland, a TV actress, lives in Los Angeles, while Adams and Maltby live in Nashville.)
Now that Bachelor has infiltrated Hollywood, the real question in, could Hollywood infiltrate Bachelor Nation? Because, in our ideal world, David Harbour is the next Bachelor. (Or maybe that's just my ideal world.)
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