The Frustrating Reason Danielle M. & Wells' BiP Love Story Got Zero Closure

Photo: ABC/Bob Du2019Amico.
While Bachelor in Paradise viewers got to see some very familiar storylines rehashed during Monday night's finale, there was one plot point of the reality show that remained annoyingly unresolved. What ever happened to Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams?
Last we saw the Nashville friends, he was kissing her goodbye while she went off to volunteer as a nurse in Kenya. Many spent weeks hoping we'd get to witness their reunion on Monday. Some of us even combed Maltby's and Adams' social media accounts, looking for clues that they finally hooked up for real once she returned home.
Host Chris Harrison took to Twitter on Tuesday, in an attempt to explain why their story is still hanging on the proverbial cliff.
"Producers cut the bit about Danielle and Wells update cause it was pretty confusing and unsatisfying," he wrote, provoking many virtual jeers.
"That was half the reason people watched," replied Twitter user Marci Jo. "Kinda dropped the ball there. Something would have been better than nothing."
After an hour of this, Harrison added, "According to what they said on the special Wells and Danielle are not together Sorry we didn't have time to show that bit."
A perhaps more satisfying and hopeful answer came from Adams himself, in a red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight, where he definitively said they are not dating now. Which is not to say they won't try to later.
"We had this kiss and then she leaves, to go to Africa to save children which is amazing," he explained. "So she gets back and then the show starts, and then all of a sudden there's this immense pressure from everyone around us shipping 'DanWells' so hard. And that's a really weird world to live in, because you want the magnetism to happen naturally and not feel forced from everyone pushing around you. ... Let's maybe let all this die down and then go forward."
That answers a lot, but it also raises a bigger question: If you think magnetism should happen naturally, what possessed you to go on a dating show in the first place?
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