A Grocery Store Just Granted Kim Kardashian's Birthday Wish

Photo: Randy Holmes/ABC.
In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian celebrated her 37th birthday earlier this month. However, she didn’t get everything she hopped for. While she was grateful for another year on planet Earth, she was also bummed. One of her wishes was to get to go grocery shopping, completely alone.
However, Ralphs — a popular grocery store chain run by Kroger in Southern California — just made her birthday wish come true. "Consider your birthday wish granted, the store is all yours. Come on in and shop till you drop with us," the company's official Twitter account announced.
Though the best part was Kardashian’s enthused response. “Wait what?!?!!!! OMG OMG OMG!" she replied.
During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kardashian asked if the reality TV queen had ever been in a place where no one recognized her. It was a difficult question to answer. DeGeneres then discussed how she too missed doing the mundane activities that most of us take for granted. Kardashian could relate.
"What I really asked for my birthday, you guys,” she said addressing the audience. “This sounds so crazy, and this might be really bratty and unrelatable, so I'm sorry — but I asked for, I said, 'can someone just rent out Ralphs for me for one hour."
For most of us, being hounded by fans and paparazzi at the grocery store isn’t a problem. So yes, very “unrelatable.” However, the idea of grocery shopping solo, unencumbered by long lines, fellow pushy shoppers, and other such anxiety-inducements might not be as unrelatable as the KUWTK star thinks. We, the non-celebrities, also have our reasons as well, Kim.
Here's hoping Ralphs successfully makes this wish come true. It wouldn't be the first time we lived vicariously through a celebrity's grocery shopping experience. I'm looking at you John Stamos and Ashton Kutcher.

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