Chris Evans' Dog Just Sang Him A Song & It's Too Cute To Handle

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images
Fact: Dogs are better than people. This video of Chris Evans' dog Dodger will only confirm that, and may make you reconsider hanging out with a human ever again.
The Captain America actor is known for posting pics of his dog, whom People reports that he adopted while working on the film Gifted opposite one-time girlfriend Jenny Slate. Dodger is very, very cute, with a brown and white face and an affinity for chasing squirrels and playing frisbee.
Essentially, Dodger is a very good boy. But is he a good singer? Well, that's up for debate.
In a new video that Evans posted to his Twitter, the Avengers star showed off Dodger's musical chops. Apparently, Dodger was trying to match pitch with his lion friend...and juuuuust missed the mark.
"This is Dodger’s stuffed lion," Evans wrote on Twitter. "He loves it. He brings it everywhere. If you press it’s paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to join in."
And join in, Dodger did.
This video is very heartwarming, especially considering that it was mere months ago that people thought Dodger was no longer with us. Evans tweeted about how much he missed his pup, only to have to fill worried fans in.
"To be clear, he's alive and well, just thousands of miles away for the next couple months," Evans reassured his Twitter followers back in July.
One person who is a fan of Dodger? Seth Rogen, who was particularly concerned about the dog's fate.
"Fuck dude I was like crying," replied the This Is The End actor.
There's no need for anyone to worry about Dodger: He's doing very well, and is always down to hang out with his BFF Evans and his other BFF, the singing lion.
No word yet on when Dodger's album will be coming out, but I'm sure Evans will tweet about it when it's ready for release.

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