It Turns Out Chris Evans' Dog Is Not Dead After All

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This weekend, Chris Evans learned the power of 140 characters or less. And he seriously upset Twitter and Seth Rogen in the process.
On Saturday, July 8, the Captain America star posted a photo of himself with his adorable dog Dodger, who the actor adopted while filming this Spring's tearjerking Gifted, as he told People in June. He captioned the sweet picture of Dodger fast asleep in his arms, "Really missing this guy right now."
Immediately, reply tweets of confusion and condolences started pouring in, asking what happened and expressing grief for the loss of Dodger. People even started sharing stories of their own pups who passed away. "We had to put our dog to sleep last week. It sucks!," one follower sympathized. Another wrote,"Mi [sic] dog passed away today ... some people can't understand the love and bond that one can have with these furry fellows... RIP my sweet Joey."
Except, joyous plot twist: Dodger is not dead. He is merely a long, long ways away from his beloved owner, who is away filming (either the yet-untitled Avengers 4 or the biographical drama The Red Sea Diving Resort, according to reports.) Ten minutes after posting the initial tweet, Evans followed up with a minor clarification. "To be clear, he's alive and well," the 36-year-old wrote, "just thousands of miles away for the next couple months."
Yes, Evans' first tweet could have been worded a little bit better. The guy unintentionally smashed hearts and sent dog-lovers everywhere on an emotional rollercoaster in a matter of minutes ("dude, i thought you lost him. Glad he's alright"). Seth Rogen has thoughts as well. "Fuck dude I was like crying," the actor tweeted (which is pretty much exactly how we feel).
We're just happy that Dodger is alive and well. And Evans: maybe think about taking this dude's advice next time you tweet a heartrending picture of your furry love with an ambiguous caption.
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