This Fried-Chicken Bath Bomb Combines Two Of Our Favorite Things

Photo: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
Self-care means different things to different people, but each individual approach generally falls into one of two categories: virtue or vice. Virtue is a long, tranquil soak in the tub on a Sunday morning, a cleansing both physical and metaphysical, enveloping yourself in ribbons of color from your favorite bath bomb while Chopin plays softly in the background. Vice is a 12-piece bucket of fast-food fried chicken to the face at your kitchen table in your underwear on a Thursday night. The choice is yours.
But what if you, a complex and multi-layered person, enjoy both of these methods of treating yourself in equal measure and wish to combine the two? Are you given no choice but to eat the fried chicken in the bathtub, condensation turning what should be a satisfyingly crispy skin into a sad, soggy mess? The answer: No! Not anymore, at least — because the industry innovators at KFC are giving the people what they want, which is a fried chicken-scented bath bomb.
“But I really do not want that at all,” you might be thinking. Which is probably for the best, because there are only 100 of the drumstick-shaped bath bombs in existence, and they are only being distributed in Japan through a lottery running from now until November 15. If you are in Japan and you do want to bathe in 11 herbs and spices, all you need to do is follow the official KFC Japan Twitter account and retweet the announcement above to be entered. Now, can you still say it's finger-lickin' good if it applies to your whole body?
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