These Strangers Who Had Oral Sex On A Flight Could Face Felony Charges

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Two people recently got to cross "joining the mile high club" off their bucket list — but now, they're paying the price for it. On Sunday, a 48-year-old woman was caught performing oral sex on a 28-year-old man on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit, and now, they could both be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, WDIV-Local 4 reports.
The two passengers were strangers going to two different places: She was hopping on a connecting flight to Nashville after landing in Detroit, and he was going to Miami. But before they parted ways, they shared a moment neither will likely forget. The sex took place right in their seats, which was their first mistake. Unsurprisingly, they both got citations, and their case went to the FBI.
Let's hope their in-flight adventure was worth it.
These aren't the first people to face legal consequences for having sex on a plane. Two strangers were arrested in 2o14 for having sex on an Air Canada flight. In addition to indecent exposure, sex on a plane can land you a charge of "interference with flight crew members," according to Cornell Law School.
Yet despite its risks, hooking up on a plane is a common fantasy — one that many people act out. According to a 2016 Stratos Jets survey of 2,000 people who flew on planes once a year or more, 17% of people have done something sexual beyond kissing on a flight, and 52% have fantasized about this. Only a quarter of them made it to the bathroom, while 80% did it while sitting in coach class. Only 7% got involved in any below-the-belt touching, though; "fondling" seemed to be people's activity of choice.
But evidently, the Mile High Club can come with a pretty hefty membership fee. If you're looking for some in-flight entertainment, it's probably safest to stick to the movies.

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