Forget The Bathroom — Here’s Where People Are Really Hooking Up On Planes

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
There's a powerful mythos surrounding the "mile-high club," but how many members does it actually have? According to a new study by Stratos Jets, a lot more than we thought. The company surveyed 2,000 passengers who fly once or more every year. Nearly 17% had done something sexual — not just kissing — on a plane, and an additional 52% had fantasized about it. Think about that for a second. On a 200-person flight, chances are that upwards of 33 regular travelers will hook up on that plane or have already hooked up on another one. And that proportion's even bigger when you count kissing, since 41% of passengers have kissed someone during a flight. Aside from kissing, 16.5% reported that they had "fondled someone" during a flight, 7% engaged in below-the-belt touching, 5% masturbated, 4% had oral sex, and another 4% had penetrative intercourse. (Some people had done more than one thing, which is why the numbers add up to over 17%.) The majority of people are engaging in these activities with people they know, but nearly 20% have gotten busy with a complete stranger. Another surprising finding: Despite the popular notion that the bathroom is the only viable option for plane hookups, only a quarter of mile-high club members have chosen that location. Meanwhile, 80% said they got frisky right in their coach-class seats. (For whatever reason, only 21% had done the same in first or business class.) Some people had even hooked up in the cockpit or the galley area (which can probably be explained by the fact that some of the respondents were airline employees). Despite the mile-high club's popularity, though, it's still not as appealing as some extra space — 56% of participants would rather sit beside an empty seat than a hot stranger. It looks like we'll really have to keep our eyes peeled when we fly home for the holidays, since, apparently, a lot has escaped our notice while we've been napping through flights.

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