The Bizarre True Story Behind Dylan Sprouse's Bloody Nose Costume

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Dylan Sprouse dressed as Fabio — the Fabio, who appears on the covers of romance novels far and wide — for Halloween this year, and his costume was stunningly specific. He chose to dress as Fabio post-goose attack. There's an infamous video of Fabio riding a rollercoaster at Busch Gardens in 1999. During the ride, a bird sliced Fabio in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. (It's unclear if the bird was a goose, but Sprouse seems to think it was.)
That's what Dylan Sprouse was for Halloween. The Suite Life actor wore Fabio's traditional white blouse, unbuttoned down the center of his chest. And, his nose was bloody. Sprouse added a fake bird on his pocket for good measure.
On Snapchat, Sprouse called it the "most obscure costume." Luckily, he explained it for all of us, adding a photo of Fabio post-goose attack.
This is very on-brand for Sprouse, who is the more elusive half of the Sprouse twins. Cole Sprouse is a high-riding celebrity these days, courtesy of his role in Riverdale. Dylan Sprouse is a bit more low-profile. (Cole Sprouse has stated very clearly that he doesn't want Dylan to appear in Riverdale.) These days, Dylan is known for his very public breakup as well as his Brooklyn meadery.
Returning to acting, Sprouse will next star in the 2018 thriller Dismissed. He's set to play an overachieving high schooler who gets a bit demented when his grades start to fail. And, when he's not working on his meadery or dealing with the fallout of a Snapchat breakup, Sprouse is trolling his twin, Cole Sprouse.
Obscure as his costume may be, this seems to be a step towards the limelight for Sprouse. He wore the costume to Heidi Klum's infamous Halloween party. Could Dylan Sprouse be officially back on the Hollywood grind?
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