The Queen Of Halloween, Heidi Klum, Debuts Her Halloween Transformation

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The queen of Halloween has arrived! Heidi Klum, who has been planning her Halloween costume since June, revealed her epic outfit last night. This year, Klum was the werewolf from the "Thriller" music video, and, as per usual, she was unrecognizable. Klum wore a heavy set of prosthetics on her face for the affair, as well as a letterman jacket like the one Michael Jackson wears in the video.
As People notes, Klum had dropped hints that her costume would be scarier this year. Last year, she came as a set of Heidi Klum clones, which is arguably more of a tableau than a costume.
"Last year, I didn't do anything," Klum told Seth Meyers on Late Night Tuesday night. "Last year, I was just me, and I had five clones." So, this year was going to be more of an ordeal. Klum explained that she would be in makeup for six hours pre-party. (Six hours!)
Klum then shared a series of Instagrams of her makeup process.
First, the horns went on.

Team #heidihalloween

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Then came the teeth.

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And the werewolf chin.

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Klum also gave her followers a sneak peek at her prosthetic werewolf chest.

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The full effect is, true to her word, pretty scary.
It's in stark contrast to last year, when Klum essentially went to her party dressed as herself. She explained for People in September that she decided to ramp it up this year for some variety.
“I thought, ‘OK, this year I’m going to have to give it some and do my prosthetics again and go a little crazy so people don’t recognize me,'” she said. “I have to do a lot of rehearsal for this because I have to do something funny, but I can’t do a dress rehearsal because there’s many prosthetics so it’s a one-time shot.”
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