Kelly Rowland's "Sci-Fi Bob" Is Our Favorite Of Her Looks Yet

Once Hollywood finds a new hairstyle trend, you can rest assured it's not going anywhere soon. And most recently, every celebrity seems to be trying one futuristic cut that's put a modern twist on an old style: the "sci-fi bob." Everyone from Bella Hadid to Kerry Washington has debuted the blunt chop at some point this season — and it looks like we just added another star to the otherworldly roster. Enter: Kelly Rowland.
The singer recently appeared in Lance Gross' series I Turn My Camera On alongside her husband and son to chat about love and family values. Besides some great words of wisdom (including "Marriage is not that storybook-happiness stuff all the time"), we couldn't help but notice her brand-new, dramatic hair change. Luckily, celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms confirmed on Instagram that she did, in fact, chop the singer's ends to the coolest cut of the year.
The news shouldn't come as a surprise: Rowland is almost always open to trying new looks. Just last month we saw the The Voice advisor rocking hair down to her backside, while in Destiny's Child, she stuck to a signature pixie cut. Yet, of all the looks in her hair evolution rotation, we have to say the sharp, angular chop is one of our favorites she's gotten.
Why? Not only is the hairstyle completely flattering, it's also been used by Hollywood insiders to depict a futuristic woman who is strong and powerful — a subtle nod to feminism, if you will. Now, it looks like everyone is down for the transformation. Who knows, you might be next...
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