How Women All Over The World Are Wearing The "Sci-Fi Bob"

Photo: Courtesy of Sal Salcedo.
Some say that buns are the ultimate power hairstyle. Some crowds prefer a ponytail to get shit done. Others find strength in length. But this year, there's been a massive uptick in women embracing a sleek, short 'do. Enter: the sci-fi bob. It has sharp ends, is angled like none other, and can be easily personalized with any fringe you like.
The style has already swept the West Coast, with the coolest locals embracing this powerful statement — and it's poised to become the next big thing in global hair trends. Plus, some even say it's a nod to feminism. "For years, there was a Victoria's Secret, 'pretty girl' hair thing, but in some ways that is shifting," Jon Reyman, editorial hairstylist and co-owner of Spoke & Weal salon tells us. "Women are having really strong, empowered conversations. I think it's about self-expression. I think there's a punk side to all of this, like a 'fuck you, damn the man' kind of thing, which I like."
Not that this is at all shocking: The current political climate has women looking for empowerment — even with their hair. That same fearless spirit has been reflected in the media, too. Hollywood isn't synonymous with just long, feminine waves anymore. (Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Bella Hadid have all proven that.) But it's not just a stateside thing: Instagram iterations of the cut are popping up all over the globe — because girls really do run the world. Of course, with each new city, the looks are a little different.
We've rounded up some of the most popular sci-fi cuts from around the globe, ahead.
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The sci-fi bob is present and accounted for in Mexico — in a big way — but we've noticed that a lot of the looks tend to be a little longer, with short, baby bangs. The slight tweak makes hair appear longer, but still delivers the signature structure. Bien chido!
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Photo: Via @paprikadf.
Of course, that's not to say it's hard to find textbook cuts. This one fits the description to a T: sharp bangs, blunt ends, and a gleaming shine.
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Photo: Via @sinarasmile.

It's not always necessary to play it straight. Add a little bit of bend to your bob at the ends, like @sinarasmile did here, for badass bounce.
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Asymmetrical edges are an ever-flattering way to frame your face. Tip: Keep the length difference to one inch for a similar look.
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Laces Salon is famous for cranking out Gisele-inspired hair, but it's not exempt from this powerful trend. Infused with a touch of the sultry body and bounce its patron saint's made famous, but structured with a sharp, A-line shape and blunt finish. Win-win!
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🙀 #goodmorning #sunday

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We can't expect the popularity of big, wavy, bouncy hair to leave Brazil, but luckily, you don't have to pick between the two. This cut has the best of both worlds: full, healthy curls and sharp, structured, look-at-me fringe.
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Photo: Via @joyngng.

How chic are these Betty Paige-esque bangs? We love how she kept them right above her brows, so that they're baby (but not bitty).
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Photo: Via @adornarebyryanne.

Proof that you don't have to go short to serve sci-fi. A collarbone-grazing lob can still be bold... just make sure that your ends are blunt.
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Spend time on any top Nigerian salon's IG page and you'll quickly learn that long (and spiked with pops of fun color) is the "It girl" way to wear box braids right now, save for the locals that are wearing a throwback, A-line bob like these.
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Sleek and architectural need not mean relaxed or heat styled. Your box braids can serve a lot of body, especially if you burn the ends to get a good bend.
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Looking to get bangs of your own? It's all about proportions, according to Los Angeles stylist Sal Salcedo. "The fringe should be above the eyebrows and get slightly longer at the temples so that it blends right into the length," he says.
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The captions don't lie: "Lobs and bobs are the hottest hairstyle this season," Meraki Studio in Oslo reports. We love this option for its full, thick finish. Super thick hair? Ask your stylist to remove the bulk by cutting layers into the bottom half of hair. (This guide will help get you there.)
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Photo: Via @myslowgarden.

Here's another cut that works well with air-dried, bedhead hair... an effortlessly-chic French girl look that we follow closely.
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Fret not, because this cut is versatile. Paris-based model Moon Kyu Lee proves that a wide, zig-zag part makes this cut turn from structured to shaggy in one minute flat.
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The UK

So long, blorange. The Brits are going bold with full-on orange — and it looks especially cool when cut into a blunt, sci-fi style..
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Can you believe that this is a wig?! Even when you're rocking a beauty store unit, getting a little TLC from a stylist (like this one, which was cut and styled) always does the trick.
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To keep your blond bob in pristine shape, try washing with a purple shampoo (there are plenty to pick from here).
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Blunt fringe is always bangin'. We especially love how the tips of her length are slightly lighter, adding dimension to the blunt chop.
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California, USA

We hate to play favorites, but there are still plenty of cool cuts to be found stateside. This one is curly, but still shaped into the popular shape.
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For a slight bend, try curling your bob with a flat iron, angling towards your lips for a flattering finish.
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Don't ever let anyone tell you that one-length cuts are boring. The uniformity of this chop is why it works so well.
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Toronto, Canada

This cut has a totally different feeling, thanks to another wildly popular hair trend: curtain fringe.
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Using hot rollers at the crown of your head is an easy way to turn up the volume.
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Ivory Coast, West Africa

These thick, perfectly-blunt bangs — plus mega shine — lend a modern finish to this chop.
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A-line rules supreme Down Under. Tip: Ask for an A-line cut that hits your collarbone.
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There's one downside to this popular cut: You will need regular trims to maintain the shape.
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What's cooler than cool? Ice (cold) blond. This futuristic alternative to the warmer cream soda tones we've been seeing makes for one sleek sci-fi bob.
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The slight layers on this look will make for an impeccable grow out process... no struggle ends here.
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New York, USA

NYC's hair studio, Hair Story, isn't a hangout for the faint of heart: The cuts are geometric and experimental, but it's also where many a trend was born. This short take on the look is structured and smooth.
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Of course, that's not the only aesthetic coming out of the Big apple. This messy, badass take on the look keeps the bangs sharp, then uses a touch of texture at the ends for downtown cool.
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appearance by Beatrice Copeland; appearance by Sean Bennett.
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