So This Is Kendall Jenner's Dream Vacation

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
Kendall Jenner recently revealed what her perfect vacation day would look like to Harper's Bazaar, and we are so on board with all of it. Earlier this year, she posted a travel bucket list on her website that included faraway destinations like Bali and India — but this time, the model said her ideal day off involves a quick trip to Palm Springs, where she'd rent an Airbnb.
Jenner's dream vacation would be pretty low-key. "I like to swim and lay out, and I’m a weirdo, so I’d just go get groceries for the house and hang around with my homies," she said. "I’d bring anyone that I love. Anyone that’s down for the journey."
In the morning, she'd make a breakfast staple like eggs and waffles or pancakes, and watch TV in her pajamas. (We're more relaxed just thinking about it.) Then, she'd chill by the pool, naturally.
Unlike her more social media-obsessed sisters, Jenner keeps a low profile — and would do the same on vacation. "On my perfect day, I’d do nothing — absolutely nothing — on social media," she said. "I’d rather not be focused on things like that. I’d rather just chill out... I wouldn’t post on Instagram, but I'd probably go on every once in a while." Instead, she'd use her film camera to take photos. "I think they look so much nicer and more authentic."
Her ideal pool-lounging activities, according to the interview, include listening to music, like Lana Del Rey or Tyler, the Creator, and drinking "water or a margarita." (Which one?!) After lunch, she'd go for a walk or a bike ride. "I love riding bikes when I’m in Palm Springs," she said. She'd take an evening nap and then order dinner, and go to bed by 10 because "I'm a grandma." We can definitely relate.

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