Gird Your Loins, Fifty Shades Fans — There's A New Book Series On The Way

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Think back to the distant days of 2011. You may have recalled seeing many women buried in a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in public, their faces flushed and red. Fifty Shades was a cultural phenomenon that inspired countless people to pull out the leather restraints. Of course, the two sequels kept the imagination running on overdrive, as fans devoured the books and subsequent movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
If you're a fan of this steamy series, get ready, because another book is (ahem) coming your way. Author E.L. James has heard your pleas for more Christian Grey, and she's announced that she's done writing the second book from his point of view: Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian, according to Glamour. And that's not all. The book will be released very soon. The release date is November 28 at your nearest bookstore or Amazon cart.
James previously wrote another book centered on Christian's perspective, 2015's Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian. While his Inner Goddess was notably absent, we learned a lot about his character, and got a better sense of his aloof, controlling demeanor. It's not a understatement to say that Christian Grey is a complicated person, and learning about what makes him tick is one of the more compelling aspects of the franchise.
Darker promises to reveal more of Grey's backstory, and why he is the way he is. E.L. James says in a statement, "the inside of Christian Grey's head is a fascinating place to Darker we go deeper, into his most painful memories and the encounters that made him the damaged, demanding man Ana falls in love with." Who knew that a Twilight fan fiction would become the cultural force it is today?
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