Netflix Is About To Break Your Heart — & Your Wallet

It's 2017, and monthly charges for streaming services have become almost a utility bill. You pay for your electricity, you pay your rent, and you pay for the array of internet streaming services. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and all the rest, those $6-$15 charges each month quickly add up. And now, Netflix is about to become more expensive. Yes, that sound you're hearing is the collective groan of Big Mouth lovers everywhere.
Let's talk numbers. Your plans will go up by $1-$2, and the increase is just for users in the United States. Mashable reports that the increase will go into effect in November, and when that happens depends on your own individual billing cycle. Currently, the standard service costs $9.99, and it will go up to $10.99. The premium plan, which costs $11.99, is going up $2 to $13.99. Those of us that have the $7.99 basic plan can rest easy and keep our dollar — the increase will not apply to this plan.
In a statement, Netflix is it increasing prices to bring in revenue to "add more exclusive TV shows and movies, introduce new product features and improve the overall Netflix experience to help members find something great to watch even faster." The streaming giant is reportedly spent a staggering $6 billion on original programming in 2017. That is a lot of money for Stranger Things.
That extra $1-$2 per month will hopefully bring us some more wonderful TV shows and movies, but we can't help but think about what we could use that money on instead. $12-$24 each year could buy us a few $5 wine bottles from Target. Or that perpetually sold-out cult rainbow highlighter. Or a couple gothic bath bombs. Come on, Netflix, cut us a break!
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