You Have To See Ariana Grande's Doppelgänger

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Being mistaken for a celebrity isn't the worst problem to have in the world. And when it comes to famous doppelgängers, there are a lot out there. One Instagram influencer has been mistaken for Selena Gomez more times than she can count; there are two women who look like they could be the sixth and seventh Kardashian sisters. There are even celebrities who get compared to other celebrities, like Avril Lavigne and Evan Rachel Wood. But the internet just spotted a new look-a-like of singer Ariana Grande — and the similarities are uncanny.
According to Daily Mail, Alexxa Morgan, the 21-year-old former Miss Teenage California, looks so much like the pint-sized pop star that fans stop her constantly, and we totally see why.
At first glance, you might fool yourself into thinking the 24-year-old singer has a long-lost twin. IRL, the two women just share a lot of the same beauty staples — one of them being Grande's signature ponytail. While Morgan is flattered by the frequent call-out, she told Daily Mail the resemblance is not intentional: "'I don't purposefully try to look like her on a daily basis. I think that everyone should embrace their own personal style."

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It's not just strangers on the street who think they recognize Morgan — even her friends refer to her as "Ariana" in private. "Generally, people first ask if I have ever been told that I look like Ariana Grande," she explained to Daily Mail. "Other people ask me what is my ethnicity, I am French, Filipino, Hispanic, and Spanish Basque."
We can definitely see the similarities. But does anyone else think Morgan could pass for Bachelor In Paradise's Danielle "D-Lo" Lombard, too?
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