Evan Rachel Wood & Avril Lavigne Finally Parent Trapped

Photo: Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
Someone remade The Parent Trap for the fourth time — except it's just a photo on Instagram. Evan Rachel Wood and Avril Lavigne took a photo together wearing matching glasses and deemed it Parent Trap-esque.
On the Emmys red carpet, Wood discussed the encounter. Turns out, the Westworld actress was very aware of her celebrity doppelganger. When the two finally met, Wood asked for a selfie with the pop star.
The result? A swell Instagram — Wood and Lavigne do look alike, especially because they wear matching glasses in the photo. Both have blonde hair featuring a clean center part. Honestly, if we were casting the 2017 Parent Trap, these two would get first pick. Then maybe Lavigne can sing "Complicated" but about her long-lost twin!
"I finally found the carrier of the other half of that pendant I was given at birth. #parenttrap #longlosttwins," Wood captioned the Instagram.
Commenters were just delighted — apparently, it's canon that these two look very much alike. (It had never occurred to me. Then again, I don't spend much time thinking about Avril Lavigne.)
"That's so awesome!! hahaha i remember thinking in across the universe that you looked just like each other!!" one wrote on the photo.
Wood is nominated for an Emmy this year for her world on Westworld. Westworld, a show shrouded in mystery, is currently shooting — at the end of the first season, HBO announced that the show wouldn't return until 2018. However, it seems season 2 is officially underway. Wood posted a photo of Westworld preparations, sending her followers into a tizzy.
"Corset training has started again. Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon...." she wrote alongside the photo. She's wearing a corset in the photo, one that looks very Westworld-esque.
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