Here's Every Flight Attendant Secret You've Ever Wanted To Know

#TheSecretLifeofVirgins isn't what you think it is. Unless, of course, you know about the hashtag as it relates to flight attendant Molly Choma, who works for Virgin America.
Elle Decor reports that Choma's using the hashtag to give travelers a glimpse of what she sees every day as a flight attendant and in the process, she's dropping major secrets along the way.
Choma has been documenting her time in the air for nine years, though she started her Instagram in 2015 and plans on winding things down now that Virgin America is merging with Alaska Airlines. And while her followers will have to get used to her side-gig (photographing the Nigerian Bobsled and U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton teams) taking center stage, the inside look at Virgin America's flight attendants will always live on with her hashtag.
Exploring Choma's world reveals plenty of behind-the-curtain looks at first class. There, fliers don't only get ample legroom and actual dinner and glassware, the pampered passengers get poached eggs, too. Choma's project shows plenty of stuff happening in the galley, from food prep to stores of bottled water for passengers to combat that dry, recycled air. She also shows looks into the cockpit and even documented a few of the on-ground happenings at the check-in desk and boarding areas. Throughout it all, Choma says that during her eight years with the airline, she's always felt like the team was an extended family and everyone was proud to be a Virgin.
Some shots are candid looks at the attendants' prep and clean-up processes, but Choma also included scenes of passengers interacting with her coworkers and even some shots of the planes (some brand-new) themselves. While it may not gain the notoriety of something like Supersize Me, Choma's pseudo-photo documentary offers up a rarely seen peek into a rarified world. Even though plenty of people have been on a plane, not everyone's seen how a flight's inner workings come together.
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