This Is What Kris Jenner Texted Ryan Seacrest About Those Kylie Rumors

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Everyone wants to know: Is Kylie Jenner actually pregnant? Friday, TMZ reported that the 20-year-old was four months pregnant by way of her boyfriend Travis Scott. Monday, on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest took it upon himself to ask Kris Jenner, mother and publicist to Kylie, about the news. The host texted Jenner on air and — lo and behold — she responded almost immediately.
"It was in the news, and I have not spoken with the family over the weekend," Seacrest explained. As the executive producer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Seacrest has a unique advantage for this kind of news. He can literally call Kris Jenner. And he did! On air, he and co-host Kelly Ripa eagerly awaited Jenner's response to their query about the news.
"Bubbles!" Seacrest exclaimed. "We're getting bubbles from Kris Jenner."
"Bubbles!" Ripa added helpfully. "As we're walking out on the air, bubbles!"
They're referring to the "this person is typing" bubble that appears on the iMessage screen. During the segment, though, Kris Jenner did text back. The bubble became a text!
Jenner's answer is noncommittal: "Kylie's not confirming anything."
This reflects Jenner's earlier statement about the news. "[Kylie's] not confirmed anything," the reality star matriarch told The Cut shortly after the news broke. "I think it’s kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening."
Of course, she hasn't denied anything, either. The Kardashians like to do publicity on their own terms — it's how they make their living really. So, Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner will tell us what's happening when they're good and ready. The same goes for Kim Kardashian's rumored third pregnancy, for which she's employing a surrogate. The Kardashians discuss their family affairs when they want to. No sooner, no later.
Watch the full clip on Live with Kelly and Ryan, below.
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