You Have To REALLY Love Sailor Moon To Try This Nail Trend

Sometimes practicality and sensibility go out the window in the name of creativity. As of late, one woman ignored all warning labels and coated her face with permanent, pink, glitter poster paint; someone else took eyeshadow inspiration from Hurricane Irma's satellite images. Today's break from reality and general wearability: cartoon-inspired, 3-D nail art from the popular Japanese comic series, Sailor Moon.
One super fan and manicurist from Thailand took his fandom to the extreme by recreating the character figurines — and putting them atop his finger nails. And yes, it's just as impressive as it is impractical.
Wuudy, a nail salon based in Thailand, posted the image to Instagram, and you can see that the manicurist designed a 3-D, acrylic manicure that is quite possibly the most intricate (not to mention, heavy) hand of nail art that we've ever seen. Based on the cartoon comic characters — which, considering the entire Sailor Moon squad is present on his fingers — it's safe to assume he's a fan.
If you're wondering how in the hell he did it, turns out these acrylic characters are attached to the nails using small, magnetic attachments. The Instagram images show that the characters' heads and necks are glued to the actual nails, and the lower parts are attached using magnets. (The latter meaning that the the leg pieces can be removed from the torsos in case he needs to, you know, make food or use the bathroom.)
While we're definitely impressed by the manicurist's dedication, you have to wonder: Don't your fingers get sore from all that weight? As for us, we'll stick to a more wearable nail trend, like a constellation design if we're feeling wild, or something that can be dotted-on with a Q-tip. Hey, we still have to type.
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