What It's Really Like To Pose Nude In Those Glossier Ads

Another month, another Glossier launch. This summer, after launching its first face powder and sunscreen (and teasing a new perfume), the brand decided to pay attention to the "outcast" of the beauty industry: body care. And while the Daily Oil Wash and Daily Perfecting Cream are great, the campaign around them might be even better.

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If you've ever walked through downtown Manhattan — or simply scrolled through Instagram — chances are you've probably seen a Glossier ad. They're characterized by skin so glowing it makes you doubt the woman has ever had a breakout, brows that give Cara Delevingne's a run for their money, and chiseled cheekbones that strike the light just right. So we wondered what things would look like when the brand moved from the neck down.
Turns out, inclusive, body-positive, relatable, and drop dead gorgeous.
The ads feature basketball player and Olympic Gold medalist Swin Cash Canal, influencer and clinical research coordinator Mekdes Mersha, Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney, creative director of LPA Lara Pia Arrobio, and model Paloma Elsesser — all in the buff. And according to Elsesser's latest Instagram post, that was pretty damn terrifying.
"I cried 3 times before this shoot. I cried because I still feel scared, paralyzed by insecurity at times, and exhausted by an unfettered vulnerability that I want to present to the world," Elsesser recalls in her caption. "I did this to show that being fat isn't a burden. Being fat isn't ugly or shameful. To prove to one person that it isn't BRAVE to be fat, but bountiful. And for that young girl looking on instagram, or walking down Spring st, that she is fucking perfect despite the precarious and irresponsible versions of beauty we are urged to digest."
Ignoring the invisible majority just isn't an option anymore and seeing Glossier — a brand that depends heavily on customer feedback and crowd-sourced ideas — support that gives us hope for the future of the industry.
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