Turns Out Stephen King Wrote Some Seriously Sick Sex Scenes

When the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It was announced, fans of the novel immediately wondered: How would filmmakers grapple with the book's strange, graphic, and chapter-long orgy scene between pre-teens? While the first draft of the script by Cary Fukanga included a mild adaptation of the scene, the version you'll see in theaters has no trace of a sewer orgy.
Clearly, the movie works without the Loser's Club stripping down in the sewer and losing their virginities after defeating "It." Why is it even there in the first place, then? Stephen King says the act was intended to bind the Losers Club together for life, so they could come together to defeat It again. "Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues," King acknowledged on his official message board.
This orgy scene might be the most famous of King's transgressive and sexual content, but it's hardly the only one — or even the most extreme. He writes about dark and twisted forces in the universe; it follows that his sex scenes contain dark and twisted elements.
It's up to you to decide just how much is too much.
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