This Fun Fact About IT Makes The Movie Even More Terrifying

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This September promises to be terrifying — that's when the remake of the classic horror book and film, IT, is being released. The 2017 version of the 1986 best-selling novel (and 1990 mini-series) of the same name will hit theaters on September 7, right in time for you to get into the Halloween spirit. And based on some new information brought to light by one Twitter user, it's sure to leave you with more than one shiver down your spine.
The release of the full length feature film arrives at a monumental time; a time that was predicted by the original nove ; a time that makes the movie even eerier. Pe, John Squires, a writer for Bloody Disgusting, points out a subtle tie-in on Twitter, connecting the book, mini-series, and movie: the timeline adds up. He writes, "In Stephen King's novel, IT awakens every 27 years. IT premiered on TV in 1990. IT is hitting theaters in 2017, 27 years later." Whoa. If you're someone who blurs fact and fiction then things just got a lot spookier because that means the demonic sewer character is ba-ack, Poltergeist-style.
And the Internet is shook over the connection.
This time around, Pennywise (the dreadful clown that haunts a new group of misfits boys, including Stranger Things' Finn Wolfard) will be played the 26-year-old actor Bill Skarsgård (who is definitely not scary in real life, despite also appearing in the creepy Netflix series, Hemlock Grove). Will Pennywise be up to his old tricks? Or has he become even more sinister as time has passed?
Viewers, you've been warned.
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