Miley Cyrus Revealed What Type Of Lover Liam Hemsworth Is & It's Hilarious

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
In honor of Miley Cyrus' September Cosmopolitan cover, Ellen DeGeneres had the perfect idea for a new segment with Miley during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. Cyrus and DeGeneres went through real Cosmo quizzes from the 1970s, including ones about readers' sex lives.
The first quiz question asked readers to compare their sex lives to other parts of life with some pretty tenuous analogies. With the choices "a roller coaster ride," "a luxury cruise," and "a commuter trip on a concorde jet," Cyrus chose the last option as her pick. The "Younger Now" singer explained that with her new album coming out, she and her partner — a.k.a. Liam Hemsworth — have to be fast so that she can get back to work.
The next question was a bit stranger — it asked readers how they would feel "when your lover calls you at home, or anywhere else." Given the choices that you're "elated by the sound of their voice," "hope they have some good news to tell you," or "are usually in a hurry to get back to the laundry" — yes, that was a real quiz choice — Cyrus chose the middle option. She said she always wants to hear good news, not bad news.
But the weirdest question was the last one Ellen asked her — apparently, one Cosmo quiz wanted readers to identify what their partner saw as their flaws. "Your partner wishes you were more..." was the prompt, with "slender," "informed," and "attractive" as the answer choices. Cyrus chose "informed," but only after she denounced the question as sexist.
Still, we'd like to think Hemsworth loves Cyrus just the way she is, and that he got a kick out of the segment. Hopefully Cyrus' grandmother did, too — she happened to be in the audience and heard the entire awkward conversation.
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