Every Time The Bachelor Producers Trolled Us All

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The producers of The Bachelor are enough to give you trust issues. Mike Fleiss, creator and executive producer of the franchise, loves to tease audiences on Twitter about "big announcements" — and then fall through just as we expect something big to happen. The same goes for Elan Gale, an executive producer on the series and a nascent social media celebrity.
This week, Fleiss tweeted a heavy-handed hint: "Stand by for shocking news regarding #thebachelor..."
This would imply that Fleiss is about to announce the next Bachelor, right? Fans were sent in a tizzy, anxiously awaiting the announcement.
And here we are. It's the end of the week, and so far no announcement has been made. (ABC declined to comment on Fleiss's latest Twitter antics.) Later, Fleiss added jokingly that we should "sit" by for "truly shocking news."
Unfortunately, this commonplace for The Bachelor producers. They are the masters of misdirection, both during the The Bachelor itself and on social media. The show itself will advertise a "shocking" moment that usually turns out to be banal. Then, on social media, the producers will get coy about "announcements" that turn out to be equally banal — or not announcements at all. Here are all the time we've been burned by the producers of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.
1. When Mike Fleiss tweeted that Bachelor In Paradise would take place at Mar-A-Lago, and that Donald Trump would appear on the show.
Needless to say, Donald Trump has not appeared on Paradise. Fleiss has also tweeted anti-Trump sentiments since he shared this teaser.
2. When Elan Gale tweeted that he had something "really exciting" to share.
It was his book, titled You're Not That Great. But Twitter users thought it would be about The Bachelor.
3. When Chris Harrison begged us to keep watching The Bachelorette finale after Rachel Lindsay rejected Peter.
"You think you know the ending. But do you?"
Peter Kraus had just broken up with Rachel Lindsay. But he seemed regretful. Would he turn around and change his mind about his feelings for Lindsay on After the Finale Rose? That's what Harrison seemed to imply.
But, no. Bryan Abasolo unceremoniously proposed to Rachel Lindsay, and that was that.
4. When Mike Fleiss coyly made fun of Peter Kraus on Twitter.
"Do we really want a Bachelor who isn't ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about...." he wrote. Naturally, everyone thought it was about Peter Kraus, the man who couldn't commit on The Bachelorette.
However, there are now rampant rumors that Kraus is going to be the Bachelor. Who knows? His anti-commitment angle just might work.
With The Bachelor producers, you never know.
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