The Bachelor Showrunner Says Peter Is "Not What The Bachelor Is All About"

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC.
Peter Kraus captured the heart of #BachelorNation, but ultimately did not walk away with the final rose. That rose went to Bryan Abasolo, who charmed Rachel Lindsey but maybe failed to charm the rest of us. Peter and Rachel's devastating breakup was some of the most authentic footage in reality television history. Watching that finale, we couldn't help but think of times we, too, have had that exact conversation with a partner.
With Peter's elimination from The Bachelorette (and Rachel Lindsey's heart), fans have been clamoring for him to be the next Bachelor. He's even vocalized some enthusiasm about the idea, though in his signature "maybe, maybe not" manner that ultimately cost him the final rose. Peter's genuine need to take time before making a decision as big as a proposal is both precisely why fans loved him and why he lost the show. It will probably also be the reason why he isn't selected to be next Bachelor. Arguably, the whole point of the show is to end with a proposal.
Now, Bachelor series creator Mike Fleiss is throwing even more water on the Peter 4 Bachelor campaign. He tweeted "Do we really want a Bachelor who isn't ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about," a clear and obvious shot at Peter Kraus.
As Refinery29's own Sesali Bowen wrote so eloquently, "Not only was Peter a fan-favorite, Rachel was deeply in love with him, which is why their complicated conversation about whether or not he would propose ended up with Rachel’s eyelashes on the floor." Peter insisted several times that he wanted to be with Rachel, just not within the strict and very speedy confines of The Bachelor series. If anything, this may be a time for show to assess how it produces its show in order to better accommodate people like Peter, who simply need more time to develop their relationships. There should also be an honest conversation about how marriage should be a goal, but not the only goal. Finding love and companionship should be given equal weight to a proposal. It absolutely couldn't hurt, and would only improve the chances of true love flourishing on the series.

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