Twitter Is Losing It Over The 24K-Gold Rice At This Lavish Wedding

Photographed by Megan Madden.
We've seen plenty of ridiculous, over-the-top weddings around the world, including one in China with a bill of $31 million, one in Italy with a 100-pound gown, and one in L.A. with a Lady Gaga performance.
However, one wedding in the South Indian city of Hyderabad stood out for its creative and blinged-out food. According to The News Minute, the caterer served rice topped with leaves of 24-karat gold. Yep, you read that right.
The dish made its debut in 2016, but a video of guests chomping down on the gilded grain is just now going viral. In the video, which is being widely shared on the messaging platform WhatsApp, you can see the gold leaves melting into the hot, steamy rice.
According to The News Minute, Hyderabad-based caterer V. Sai Radha Krishna dreamt up the gold rice after his high-profile client asked for something different. The gold is totally safe to eat, and it doesn’t add any flavor, just bling. “It is not new to have gold. People have been eating sweets wrapped in gold leaf and silver leaf. I tried the same with rice. I knew that gold leaf will melt on hot steamed rice. I just tried it, and it worked well,” Sai told the South Indian news site.
Sai says it's an easy ingredient for him to get. "They are commonly available in Old City [Hyderabad]," he said. And despite its decadent appearance, Sai said that the meal isn’t as pricey as you might think. He said that it cost approximately 250 Indian rupees per plate, or just under $4 in U.S. currency.
Still, some people on Twitter aren’t quite on board with the gold-encrusted dish.
After all, rice is pretty great just by itself, sans precious metals!
If you're game to experiment with gilded rice (or any other dish) yourself, the leaves are available on Amazon.

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