This Game Of Thrones Star Predicted His Character's Death In 2015

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
This post contains spoilers about the season 7 finale of HBO's Game of Thrones. Read at your own risk!
Game of Thrones loves to keep us guessing — and we didn't see this twist coming in last night's episode. But maybe we should have, considering the fact that Aidan Gillen apparently knew Littlefinger was going to die since 2015.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gillen revealed that he's thought Arya (Maisie Williams) would kill Petyr Baelish for two years. And the season 7 finale didn't disappoint.
"I did an interview with a publication [in 2015] and they asked me how I thought I would go. I said I thought Arya would deliver the blow," Gillen told Entertainment Weekly. "So it was as promised. And even within the scene, as soon as he walks in that room and Arya produces the dagger, he knows the game is up. He at least suspected the game was up back in episode 4, when Bran told him, 'Chaos is a ladder.' For Bran to come up with that is beyond coincidental. That's when the ground started to shift beneath my feet. At that point, I knew the things I've done in private are not necessarily private."
Gillen and EW's James Hibberd also discussed the "infamous call" Game of Thrones actors get from showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff. The duo don't usually call the stars — so if they get a call from them, they know to assume it's about their characters' livelihood.
"The infamous call. It's so obvious what it is," Gillen told the magazine. "I learned about that call from [Roose Bolton actor Michael McElhatton] when he told me about his call, and he talked about how it made him feel. And I thought if I get that call — or rather when as this has got to happen sooner or later to a character like Littlefinger — I wondered how it would make me feel. Because the show is such a part of your life for so many years, you start to think, What will your life be like outside of it? It's a potent loss."
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