This Is The One Thing Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose Agree On

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are two people whose lives seem to intersect in lots of different ways: they both have the same birthday, both women have dated Kanye West, and both have bombastic curves. And while the two may have had beef in the past, they made peace last year when they took a selfie together to show that the hatchet has been buried. Now they can add one more thing to their list of shared interests — a love for The Queen Pegasus 2-Step Lash Elixir Kit.
The kit promises "longer, thicker looking natural lashes in the flick of a pegasus tail." Kardashian appeared in a video on the company's Instagram account singing the praises of the "majestic AF natural lashes" she got as a result of the product.

Majestic AF natural lashes. @kimkardashian you The Queen. #thequeenpegasus

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It's a two-step process, starting with a base (which Kardashian says she uses before she goes to bed) and finishing with a lash elixir, which looks like a little and wand.
Amber Rose posted her own photo praising the product. While she specified that it was sponsored content, she wrote, "This magical little thing right here by the @thequeenpegasus is legit giving me LIFE right now! They’ve just dropped their Lash Elixir Kit and girls, what this does is seriously dope."
Rose shouted out to the "peptides, liquid crystal, all sorts of good shit" that she says give her "longer and thicker looking" lashes. The website says that, along with the liquid crystal and "powerful" peptides, there are amino acids and botanical extracts in the product.
It's a monthly subscription that costs $59 for a month's worth of product ($49 if you subscribe). If you've got about $60 to spend on mythical creature-branded lash elixir, go for it.
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