Sorry, But This Pimple-Popping Video Just Ruined The Unicorn Trend Forever

The main attribute that differentiates the beautiful and majestic unicorn from a regular old horse, aside from the totally inconsequential fact that one exists and the other does not, is the single pointed, spiraling horn that is said to protrude from the head of the mythical creature. Often depicted as colorful and shimmery, this horn has inspired countless bath bombs, makeup brushes, hair tutorials, headbands, and even food items — but the closest we may ever come to actually seeing a real-life unicorn horn could be right here, in the virtual office of one Dr. Pimple Popper.
Make no mistake: This “unicorn horn” is not something you’d want to toss a replica of into your bathtub, or dip into shimmery loose powder to sweep over the high points of your face. Rather, it is a large and goo-filled cyst that sits directly in the center of a man’s forehead, much like what you’d imagine the initial stage of unicorn-horn growth to look like except so much worse in so many ways.
If you still haven’t been able to get over the unicorn beauty trend just yet, the first few minutes of this video should do the trick. In fact, there’s a likely chance it will ruin unicorn beauty for you forever, and it will most definitely ruin whatever your next meal is supposed to be, so cancel your dinner reservations before you decide to hit the play button.
Just try and keep things in perspective, because while witnessing the “horn” removal procedure is horrifying as it is, imagine walking around with that on your head for six years. Suddenly, that little whitehead you always seem to get in between your eyebrows doesn't seem so bad after all.
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