Someone Created A Fake Kylie Cosmetics Site — & The Real Kylie Is PISSED

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In a little under two years, Kylie Jenner has turned Kylie Cosmetics into a multi-million dollar beauty empire. The brand churns out Lip Kits faster than our paychecks can direct deposit, and it seems like there’s a new limited-edition collection every time we refresh the site.
But the next time you Google “Kylie Cosmetics” to browse the newest collection, you might not want to click on the first thing you see. Why? That Kylie Cosmetics Google ad screenshot below is not what it looks like — it's actually part of a growing epidemic of fake beauty products flooding the web.
The reality TV star and beauty mogul turned to Twitter to share her discovery. “Hey guys when you search my makeup on google. A FAKE website put an add up to try and trick u guys,” she captioned the tweet.
Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen fake websites or retailers selling Jenner’s products for cheap. On a recent episode of Jenner’s reality show, Life of Kylie, best friend and model Jordyn Woods went to Downtown L.A. to shop counterfeit Kylie Jenner products from street vendors — a world we investigated in an in-depth video, below.
Even Jenner’s followers are concerned. “It even looks like the legit site. WTF. That's scary,” one user replied to Jenner’s tweet. Another responded, “I don't understand why people try to sell fake products. Fake products are so dangerous.”
And if you thought that user was exaggerating, think again. As we mentioned above, Refinery29 went undercover to expose the world of counterfeit makeup. Spoiler alert: These knockoffs can be detrimental to your health, and some may contain harmful ingredients that can cause acne, rashes, eye infections, and more. If there was ever a time to heed Jenner's advice, it's now.
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