Sorry, Coachella — The Best Beauty Looks Are At This Festival

If you search the "#cropover2017" hashtag on Instagram, you'll see several pics of a certain Barbadian singer decked out in nothing but mesh, feathers, and rhinestones — turquoise wig and all. No matter what she has going on, RiRi makes sure to return back to the island to celebrate the traditional festival, which marks the end of the sugar cane harvest.
Crop Over always ends with Kadooment Day, where masquerade bands play and revelers indulge in the sickest street party you can imagine. But this isn't the type of festival where you throw on cutoffs and a crop top. Men and women of all ages don costumes made of glittery gemstones and beads, along with feathered headdresses that symbolize the ability to rise above anything, according to Fun Barbados.
Rihanna could wear a paper bag and outdo the rest of us like it's nothing, but the world stops the moment she decides to show off her costume of the year ("thick Rihanna" was trending worldwide on Tuesday). And yes, of course, she's a stunner — but other women of the island slay just as much. Ahead, see some of the best beauty looks.

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