Dean Unglert Explains Why Rachel Doesn't Want Peter Kraus To Be The Bachelor

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Rachel Lindsay's group of Bachelorette contestants were easily the most diverse ever. One thing they all do have in common is that they love to explain her motives for her. This time, it's Dean Unglert on why he thinks Lindsay doesn't want Peter Kraus to be on The Bachelor.
On After The Final Rose, Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus confronted one another about their devastating breakup when Kraus decided not to propose. Many, many fans want Kraus to be the next bachelor, but Lindsay believes that this kind of dating show was not for him. If he was so in love with her and still wouldn't propose after this season, what would another ten weeks change? Her point is perfectly valid, but Unglert thinks there's an ulterior motive.
While on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti's podcast, Almost Famous, Unglert said he thinks that Lindsay "isn’t ready to see [Kraus] thrust back into the spotlight like that.”
When asked if thought it had to do with jealousy, Unglert was unsure.
"I’ve had my jealous moments as well, so it’s really hard to say. But she was so close to both Bryan [Abasolo] and Peter and Eric [Bigger] obviously too. I definitely understand that she doesn’t want to relive any of their romantic moments within an entire season.”
Rachel Lindsay herself revealed that her pick for the next bachelor is actually Alex Bordyukov, who left her season at week six. Unglert thinks that by choosing Bordyukov, "she’s trying to throw everyone off."
He continued: "I mean, obviously she was close with Alex, but I don’t think the emotions were quite as strong with him as they were with the last two guys she had."
It's one thing to speculate who the next Bachelor might be, but it's another to question Lindsay's motives and make assumptions. Another contestant, Eric Bigger, also criticized Lindsay's choices. Lindsay is more than capable of making her own decisions and definitely doesn't need all the judgment. In Lindsay's own words, if you want to root for Kraus as the bachelor, "Then do just that and move on."
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