The One Hairstyle Jennifer Aniston Hated More Than "The Rachel"

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If you believe the tabloids, Jennifer Aniston gets married and divorced every other day, has been pregnant with about 46 children, and doesn't have any friends. Of course, we know none of that is true — thanks to common sense and the powerful essay she wrote in response to the ridiculous media scrutiny last year. But there are still some rumors that need clearing up — specifically around her beauty routine.
"How many bajillion years do you have?" she laughs when we asked her about the strangest beauty lies she's read about herself. "There was a mayonnaise mask that someone said I was doing. Or there was another one about leeches on my skin, which I know people do, but it's never happened to me." Of course, that doesn't mean she's not willing to try anything once: "Look, if someone I trusted said, 'This is really great and I have the proof,' then why the hell not?'"
That's the kind of authenticity we've come to expect from Aniston, but it doesn't stop there. Below, she spits even more truths — like her biggest beauty regret, the products husband Justin Theroux steals from her medicine cabinet, and what she buys in bulk from her local CVS.
Her Number One Vice
"Sunbathing is a toughie for me," she says. "I struggle with it, because I love it so much, but I've been trying to be better. To counteract the damage it does is, I first try to do it less of it, and then make sure to highly moisturize after. I also throw in some aloe vera from our garden when I can."
Yes, Aniston has a "gorgeous" garden with kale, tomatoes, peppers, kiwis, plums, grapefruit, zucchini, and yep, aloe plants. "It's so good for skin to use not just the stuff from the store, but the real aloe from the plant," she says. "Go for the real shit [laughs]."
The Haircut She'll Never Get Again
Aniston may have famously proclaimed her disdain for "The Rachel," but that's not her biggest cringe-worthy hair moment. "I hated my bob," she tells us. "It just didn’t work for me. My hair is too wavy naturally to handle a bob on a daily basis — it would end up looking like a huge ball of fur."
The Beauty Products She Buys In Bulk
While the Aveeno spokesperson certainly has an arsenal of the brand's skin-care goodies on hand at all times ("I'm addicted to my Aveeno sunscreen — it's in my car, it's by the pool, it's in the kitchen, it's in the bathroom, it's everywhere. I go through it like crazy," she says), Aniston admits she does have a few other drugstore favorites. "I love the L’Oréal Lash Out Mascara. And Neutrogena soap. I switch up my hair products a little bit, though." Another beauty category she keeps in rotation: face masks. "There are so many wonderful ones out there. Charlotte Tilbury has a great one right now."
Why She Doesn't Mind When Justin Theroux Borrows Her Beauty Stash
"He steals my shampoo, my hair paste... Whatever product I put on my face, he just does the same for him. You know, he likes to dabble. He kind of manscapes [laughs], which I actually enjoy. I enjoy a nicely manscape-d partner."
Her Biggest Beauty Quirk
Aniston explains that she's very stringent on keeping all the products in her medicine cabinet (which, by the way, she calls "her mini pharmacy") organized. "I like to label things," Aniston admits. "It's kind of by age, because I'm really weird about how long something's been in there. Especially in my fridge. I date my food. I want to know when something might potentially poison me [laughs]."
Her Hope For Women In Hollywood
"I actually do think [beauty standards] are changing, and directors and viewers are now more accepting of all shapes and sizes," she says. "You're seeing more female characters that are more relatable and more human than these unattainable, clichéd girlfriend, best friend, whatever. It's really important."

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