Chrissy Metz Isn't In A Rush To Move In With Her Boyfriend

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Chrissy Metz is out here living her best life. She's been nominated for an Emmy for her hit NBC drama, This Is Us, and she's happy with her boyfriend, Josh Stancil, who happens to be a cameraman on the show. But because things are going well doesn't mean she's ready to make huge decisions. She's taking things real slow.
Just five months ago, she moved into her own home, a major move considering she auditioned for This Is Us with only 81 cents in her bank account. Anyone who's been there relates to Metz wanting to take in this moment. That's part of the reason why she isn't looking to move in with Stancil anytime soon.
She told People Magazine "I like living on my own. I’ve never done it before so I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can.”
The couple has been together for about a year now and it's been a pretty great one from our view. She and Stancil have navigated the rocky waters of both working on the same show and the fact that Metz's character is in a relationship for most of the first season. They've persevered and Metz feels that they're "just enjoying life together."
She continued: "You know, we work more than we don’t work so when we do get some time with each other, we enjoy it."
Taking it slow is pretty much the opposite of what Metz' character, Kate, and her fiancé, Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, did on the show. The two characters went from acquaintances to being engaged in less than eleven episodes.
Despite what her other persona does, Metz is adamant about taking it slow.
“I’m not rushing into anything, and I don’t think that when you really care about somebody that you need to," she said, sounding a little like Peter Kraus from The Bachelorette. Let's hope Chrissy Metz's love story ends better than Kraus' did.
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