Chrissy Metz's BF Volunteered To Quit His This Is Us Job So They Could Date

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Chrissy Metz has burst onto the scene over the past few months thanks to her incredible work as Kate in the NBC hit This Is Us. The actress has been very open about how her life totally changed when she joined the show. For instance, she started with 81 cents in her bank account and now she's back on her feet, and she met her boyfriend, Josh Stancil, on set. Turns out, Stancil volunteered a life change of his own in order to make their relationship work, and it's super adorable.
"My priority was my job and I was not trying to blow my big shot," Metz said in an interview with Marie Claire. "Josh even offered to go work on another show."
Of course, that didn't need to happen. The two managed to perfectly balance their relationship and their careers, but it's nice to know that Stancil supported Metz so much that he would have left his job if it meant she would be more successful.
"I kind of made the [first] move," Metz confessed on Wendy Williams last month when talking about their relationship. "I talk to everyone, 'cause I love people like I don't care what you do, we're all the same, we just have different jobs. So I was like,' Oh my God, he's really cute,' so I said, 'Slow down, you're gonna choke on your food!' and he starts cracking up and I was like, 'Why did I just say that? Why did I just say that?"
Stencil was totally charmed. While working together can come with its challenges — he's definitely not a fan of Metz's kissing scenes — they've powered through.
Metz also told Marie Claire that she was nervous about the relationship since she was the first plus-size women he had dated.
"I’m like, 'Is this weird?'" she remembers. "He’s like, ‘No.' And that’s the end."
The relationship is still in its early stages, but they've clearly made a foundation that's built to last.

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