Chrissy Metz Filmed 12 This Is Us Kissing Scenes In Front Of IRL Boyfriend

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Chrissy Metz and her boyfriend, Josh Stancil, met while on the set of her hit show, This Is Us. He's a cameraman and she's one of the stars. While that seems like a perfect arrangement, it comes with one downside. Chrissy Metz has an on-screen fiancé, played by Chris Sullivan. And almost every time they film kiss scenes, guess who's behind the camera?
When the Emmy nominee and Stancil first began dating, he was so supportive of her career that he offered to quit This Is Us and work somewhere else. It didn't need to come to that, but it might have relieved him from having to watch her kiss another man.
Metz and Stancil take it in stride. In fact, most of the time, they laugh about it. When it gets to be a little much for Stancil, all Metz has to do is talk him down.
"There was the one — the Christmas episode where [Chris and I] did kiss 12 times and Josh was texting me and he was like, ‘Why does Helen [Hunt, the director] have you guys kiss 12 times?'" she told press at Television Critics Association press tour "And I was like 'I don’t think she’s having us kiss 12 times, she’s looking for different angles to get.' And he’s like, 'OK, I was just asking!’"
Another reason why Stancil doesn't get too worked up is because the romantic scenes with Sullivan are "so unsexual," according to Metz. The actor is also coupled up — he and his wife Rachel Reichard have been married for six years.
From what we know, Metz and Stancil have a pretty fantastic bond. It'll take a little more than a romantic storyline to break them apart.
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