DeMario Jackson Just Coined The Term "Ocular Facts"

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC.
On last night's Bachelorette special Men Tell All, DeMario Jackson seemed a little off-kilter. The former contestant got a lot of attention while on the show for being confronted with his "side piece" on national television. Then, Jackson became embroiled in the controversy surrounding Bachelor In Paradise when fellow contestant Corinne Olympios accused him of assault. Last night's show was the first time Jackson appeared on television after his E! News interview about the controversy, and Twitter was confused by his appearance and, most importantly, his mention of "ocular facts."
When asked about the drama surrounding his departure from The Bachelorette, Jackson brought up The Weeknd, Bill Clinton, and Beyoncé. (It seems he uses pop culture to avoid answering questions which, to be fair, is something I have also done. He's also an outspoken fan of Britney Spears and The O.C.)
"Here's what happens: This random-ass chick calls in to say that she's my girlfriend," Jackson explained. That's not how it appeared on the show — in the episode, a woman named Lexi confronted DeMario after having seen him on After The Final Rose months before. Jackson acted as if he'd never seen her before, but then made it clear that he probably had. His actions on The Men Tell All told a similar story. First, he said he didn't know Lexi.
"By you guys' logic, I'm Beyoncé's boyfriend. I'm dating Rihanna," Jackson elaborated. "She [only] had text messages. I text everybody."
Then, he explained that he did know her, but he, like The Weeknd says, only called her when it was "half past five." She was his "side chick."
"Is there any ocular facts that her and I dated?" Jackson asked to the befuddlement of everyone around him. ("Ocular facts" refer to visible proof. It's also just a fun phrase.) He then brought up Bill Clinton, much to the dismay of his fellow suitors.
"Help yourself out, bro," contestant Dean Unglert shouted over boos.
With all his pop culture references and insistence of "ocular facts," on top of his overly casual outfit, Jackson seemed a little off-kilter — Twitter seemed disappointed that the embattled contestant didn't take the opportunity to redeem himself.
Jackson, for his part, is actively defending himself on Twitter. He claims he hasn't had a "girl" since the early '90s — in his words, since "Clinton was in the office" and "Farrah Franklin was a member of Destiny's Child."
This isn't the last of DeMario Jackson, either. He will appear on After Paradise to discuss the controversial incident and there are rumors he's in talks to appear on Dancing with the Stars.
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