These Mean Girls Makeup Brushes Come With An Actual Burn Book

Yesterday was Wednesday, so naturally, we wore pink. Yes, that’s a Mean Girls reference, and no, it’s not just because we like to quote the 2004 classic at any and every opportunity. Rather, it’s because yesterday also happened to be the day that UK-based accessories brand Spectrum Collections announced via Instagram that it will soon be bringing a Mean Girls-inspired brush set to our makeup bags. Say it with us: Grool.
Starting August 30, you’ll be able to shop the collection of ten makeup brushes — so basically, all the tools you could ever need — exclusively on Spectrum’s website. Each individual brush comes dressed in a very fetch pink and purple ombré, with different iconic quotes from the movie written in metallic silver. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to own an angled blush brush that says “you’re, like, really pretty” on the handle, or an eyeshadow brush that says “boo, you whore”?
But for diehard fans of the beloved flick, the must-have brushes aren’t even the best part. That prize would go to the Burn Book brush holder you can also buy to carry your Mean Girls makeup brushes in Gretchen Wieners-worthy style. The zippered case is an exact replica of the one seen in the movie — except, of course, you won’t find any gossip about who made out with a hot dog or Coach Carr inside. It may not be as juicy (or potentially reputation-ruining) as the original, but hey, it'll do.
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