Dove Cameron's Favorite Beauty Item Growing Up Was Inspired By Johnny Depp

Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images.
When I was in elementary school, I would steal my mother's black kohl eyeliner and draw on a beauty mark every single day. It made me feel like Marilyn Monroe in the most glamorous way, even if — in retrospect — it's sounds a little weird. As it turns out, Dove Cameron can (sort of) relate.
The Descendants 2 star recently spoke with Coveteur about her beauty routine, and there's one thing that stuck out among the rest (besides the fact that she swears by Noxzema Cold Cream). Cameron revealed that she is infatuated with Tim Burton, which means she's thereby also fascinated by eyeliner-wearing Johnny Depp — and she'd use Sharpie pens (!) to try to recreate his look.
"I used to dress up as Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean when I would go to school," she told the publication. "I would draw the mustache on, the pirate tattoo, and I would put Sharpie around my eyes. I don’t know how I really survived that era of my life.”
Yep, the Disney star once took permanent marker and scribbled not on a piece of paper — but her eyelids. Talk about making a (no doubt hazardous) statement. And while we highly recommend you never do the same at home — better to stick to her Noxzema skin-care tip — we can't help but wonder if Depp himself has ever done the same. Let's face it, that certainly wouldn't be the weirdest, or worst, thing he's ever done.
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