Dove Cameron Is Over The Media Pitting Women Against One Another

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Growing up in the spotlight – as Disney Channel star Dove Cameron – means you have to deal with a lot of people's opinions. And unfortunately, they're not always the kindest.
While dealing with angry, hateful people seems almost inevitable for celebrities, that doesn't mean one has to "just deal." The Descendants 2 star — who plays Mal, the daughter of Kristin Chenoweth's Maleficent — is so over all of the negativity that she took to Twitter to share her thoughts about how we should all try to let people live.
While we have no idea what sparked Cameron's Twitter messages, they seem to relate to a comment in which two women were pit against one another. The Hairspray Live! actress, who boasts friends like Bella Thorne (who apparently wants to "wife" Cameron) and Dope star Kiersey Clemons, took to the social media platform on Saturday to write her thoughts over a series of tweets.
"STOP PITTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER. stop putting people down/creating darkness. chill oouutt. let people be. go laugh at something funny."
"like, damn. just chill. it's exhausting to live in negativity. it's so much more fun to just live your life and let people be. focus on you."
"if you leave people happier, lighter & laughing when you leave, and still maintain your happiness & stability: you've won the game."
She also added a few pieces of advice for dealing with the haters:
"let's dissipate negativity by forcing angry people into dance parties"
"just drink your water, get your sleep, be a dope human being and forget about all the rest"
Honestly, it's awesome advice — imagine if everyone just focused on being the best version of themselves, instead of getting all up in everyone else's business? The world would probably be a nicer place — and Cameron's fans seem to agree with the sentiment.
"if only everyone in the world had your outlook we would be living in heaven, literally," wrote one fan on Twitter.
"I just wanna sit and drink coffee with you and just talk about life. Like you are an actual goddess," said another.
Whatever situation Cameron was referring to, I think it's safe to say she's letting any negativity roll off her back.

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